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Morocco- Italy: Exclusive interview with Mr. Sergio Passariello the CEO of Euromed International Trade

Morocco- Italy: Exclusive interview with Mr. Sergio Passariello the CEO of Euromed International Trade.

One year after the signing by Italian and Moroccan foreign ministers; Di Maio and Bourita of a declaration of multidimensional strategic partnership, on November 1, 2019 in Rabat. The cooperation instrument aims to « maintain a permanent and in-depth dialogue on all sectors of common interest, ensure coordination on international and regional issues related to Africa and the wider Mediterranean. The pan-african leading site Afrique L’Adulte  (AA) took an interview with Mr. Sergio Passariello the CEO of Euromed International Trade to elaborate on the economic relations between the two countries.

Mr. Sergio Passariello the CEO of Euromed International Trade

Mr. Sergio Passariello, we know that business development consultants analyze company operations to detect procedures that impede the actualization of stated goals. Business development consultants subsequently devise measures aimed at removing such obstructions and work towards securing additional opportunities.

AA.  How does Euromed International Trade work?

Euromed International Trade is a team of young and dynamic people who love and support the business. Our mission starts from the idea of being able to reach any objective and solve any problem, without setting boundaries in terms of complexity and ambition of goals. The areas in which we are most competent are internationalisation, access to finance, company training, strategic and technological development of a company. Our operating method is characterised by a series of predefined steps, including detailed analyses, assessments of possible risks and margins of error, and relationships with the best strategic partners for each area of intervention. All these steps can lead to a secure result if they are followed with the utmost precision.

AA– Are there any potential opportunities for Moroccan companies to exercise there activities in Italy and what sectors would you recommend?

Italy is the country of beauty, product quality, design, creativity and ingenuity. Every production sector that manages to provide technological, practical and material support to this heritage of ideas will find fertile ground in Italy. I am thinking, for example, of raw materials linked to the agri-food industry and those necessary for the processing industry. Moreover, Italy is still lacking in new technologies and highly innovative digital solutions. Given the progressive increase in the average age of the population, look to the third age industry, could be important all the products and services that can improve the quality of life of an increasingly young, active and increasingly advanced age public.

AA– In December 2019, Morocco and Italy declared Strategic Partnership Coordination, Italy is the fifth Trade partner of Morocco, do you think the new agreement will bolster economic, commercial, and financial relations between the two countries?

The economic relations between Italy and Morocco, as well as between all the countries bordering the Mediterranean, must be the starting point for a real relaunch of our countries. We have a heritage of values, knowledge and skills which, because they are different, are complementary and can be exchanged or shared through what unites us: a great Sea, the cradle of world civilisation, which must act as a bridge and not a wall between our nations, both in the commercial and political spheres. It is no coincidence that we have given our team the name « Euromed »: because we believe, first of all, in the centrality of the Mediterranean and in the idea that Southern European countries should look even further south while keeping their arms open. About the Strategic Partnership, I have heard a lot about sharing policies concerning the difficult management of migration phenomena. It is very right to address this issue, but our rulers cannot forget the importance of economic and entrepreneurial relations, which are essential for Italian and Moroccan companies in this period of emergency. And on this we will be ready to make our voice heard.

AA– How Euromed International Trade views the presence of a large Moroccan community in Italy and an increasing number of Italian tourists in Morocco?

The Moroccan community in Italy has a long history of settlement and growing roots not only in terms of quantity, but also and above all in terms of quality. Moroccans in Italy are no longer fortune seekers. They are entrepreneurs, professionals, engineers and highly educated people who bring added value to the average quality level of the Italian population from a professional and human point of view. Without forgetting that many Moroccans are not seen in Italy by now: simply because they are Italian, naturalised or newly arrived, more integrated and active in the Italian community than many native Italians.

The Italian tourists who come to Morocco, on the other hand, represent a sign of growing interest in your country and the hope of a continuous emancipation of our people towards opening up to the world and the countless opportunities that can be found outside our borders.

AA– What strategies can reflect the strong human relations between Morocco and Italy?

Starting from the existing relations, we can identify actions that will lead us to understand each other’s needs, valuing above all those who have already undertaken a process of integration and openness: I am referring to the more than 250 Italian companies already operative in Morocco, the 6,500 Italians living in Morocco, the many companies that exchange products and services with your country, resulting in a flow of goods worth more than three billion each year. But also the half a million Moroccans living in Italy. All these people and realities can be the first glue for one of the most important international partnerships, able to unite two great countries and, as a consequence, two continents that have different situations and objectives, but complementary and achievable through the meeting.

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