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Moroccan African Organization OMA , Strongly ask for the exclusion of the ‘’rasd’’ from the African Union


In the margins of the Maputo conference TICAD , which is marked by serious and regrettable incidents and the scandalous, unreported and illegal behavior of the Mozambican authorities,

Moroccan African Organization OMA , Strongly ask for the exclusion of the ‘’rasd’’ from the African Union



The ministerial meeting on the follow-up and assessment of the international conference of (TICAD 6) held in Maputo, Mozambique, one year after the Nairobi summit in August 2016, was due to review the realized progress in implementing the action plan of TICAD 5 adopted in Yakohama in 2013, and the TICAD 6 implementation plan and also to focus on the preparation of the preparation of the 7th edition of TICAD to be held in Japan in 2019.   

This meeting, in which 53 African countries were invited, in addition to the host country (Mozambique) , was marked by serious and unfortunate incidents which had disrupted the running of the meeting by the unexpected presence of representatives of the so-called state ‘’rasd’’ ,unrecognized neither by the international organizations ,nor by the United Nations UN and the European Union EU and still less by Japan, co-sponsoring with the UN an unparalleled  development plan for Africa .

The discourteous , primitive and  irresponsible behavior of the Mozambican authorities which had authorized the presence of representatives of the ‘‘rasd’’ ,had postponed the opening ceremony by nearly three hours and had , consequently, cancelled the general meeting of the planned talks between the various delegations . Better still, the Mozambican minister of foreign affairs introduced the delegation of ‘‘rasd’’ through a back door and offered them seats reserved in advance for Mozambicans .

The Moroccan delegation led by its minister of foreign affairs Mr Nasser Bourita,  protested strongly against the presence of representatives of a puppet entity , but the Maputo authorities ordered their security forces , including elements in military uniforms, to assault members of the Japanese delegation and the Moroccan delegation as well in a  total violation of the Vienna conveniences and the rules and procedures governing conferences and multilateral meetings .

The Japanese foreign minister Mr. Taro Knono expressed, according to the Japanese press, his deep regrets for the cancellation of the general meeting to which the so-called entity ‘‘rasd’’ was not invited by the Japanese government to take part in the TICAD meeting .

Mr. Taro Knono, who during his meeting on the 25th August 2017 with his Moroccan counterpart, Mr Nasser Bourita, strongly condemned these incidents and expressed his great surprise at the fact that the authorities of Mozambique had bypassed the access procedures to introduce unauthorized members of the “rasd” through a back door , while refusing the access to delegations with badges and duly accredited members .He affirmed that even members of the Japanese embassy were brutalized .

Thus , Mozambique, a country supposed to ensure and respect the will of Africa and the Japanese partner, on the margin of this follow-up meeting, had failed unfortunately in its mission and commitments by :

  • Hampering the entry ,to the conference room , of the Moroccan delegation headed by its minister of foreign affairs and an important part of the Japanese delegation, while the UN agreements insure and supervise the immunity of representatives of states at multilateral summits .
  • Flouting the immunity of a representative of a sovereign state in the person of its minister of foreign affairs and the delegation accompanying him, is a blatant contradiction of the international law and the diplomatic conveniences .
  • Admitting in an international conference a state which has no legitimacy of representation and still less in this meeting, and moreover it was not invited to participate in this event by the Japanese authorities .


This unprecedented, scandalous and illegal attitude of Mozambique constitutes a serious threat to Africa’s international relationships with its international environment and will certainly induce Japan to reconsider the possibility of holding future summit meetings in any other African country , which would be a great loss for Africa .

By this attitude, Mozambique guided by Algeria, wanted, at all costs, to impose the presence of representatives of the supposed sahraoui state on an international meeting, which it had hosted, dealing with the development of Africa.  Mozambique had flouted the international legality which had given a poor image , of an undermined Africa by the contradictions of some of its leaders, who are not inclined to respect the international legality and the diplomatic immunity despite the firm commitments made by the chief of staff bureau of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission at Addis Abeba  to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs  Japan , at the time of the preparation of this meeting in Maputo, could not predict such an attitude , which had adversely affected the image of  Africa .

This Maputo event curiously recalls three other similar recent events that had opposed Moroccan and Algerian diplomats who had imposed the representation of ‘’rasd’’ in international meetings , which consequently impeded the smooth running of its conferences and even undercut them .

Thus on 18th May,2017, in Saint-Vincent and the Grenadines, in Caribbean, while the members of the special committee of the 24 on decolonization, an Algerian  diplomat,  ranked 3 in the  hierarchical order of the ministry of Algerian foreign affairs violently assaulted and gave a punch to a Moroccan diplomat who occupied the post of the deputy of the Moroccan ambassador in Saint-Lucie . The Algerian diplomat didn’t accept that the population of the Sahara  would be represented by the local elected representatives at the meeting of the Caribbean. In fact, for the first time, eight countries had spoken out to grant the elected representatives of Laayoune and Dakhlaa seat in the committee and hear them in their capacity as representatives of the population of the Sahara.

From 24th to 28th March 2017, in Dakar ,on the occasion of the 10th joint annual meeting of the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa and the African Union Commission under the auspices of the UN that took place in the framework of the 2017 Africa development week, on the theme “Growth, inequality and unemployment” had experienced the same fate : blocking and postponement following the presence of “rasd” delegation, which resulted in postponing this conference.

On the 23rd November 2016 in Malabo, in the Equatorial Guinea on the margin of the summit of the Arab States , and because of the participation of representatives of “rasd” in the summit of ministers of foreign affairs, some Arab delegations left the meeting room, non content of this presence, which had consequently seen the absence of many heads of Gulf states whose presence was well-prepared beforehand , but they abstained to make the trip, at the last minute, to Malabo. This   had, unfortunately, led to the reduction of the financial commitments of the countries of the Gulf for the benefit of Africa.

Thus, because of Algeria and its acolytes who want, imperatively to impose the delegated representatives of ’rasd’ in the international events, Algeria endorses the responsibility for undermining the organization of such meetings intended for developing  Africa and making important  investments in our continent.

For all these facts and considerations, the organization of Morocco Africa, the African NGO very attached to the moral values and ethical principles that should govern the inter-african relationships, ardent advocates of international law and interests of African citizens, militant for the causes and the vital interest of Africa as well as for the security and peace in our continent:

1°) Denounce strongly this cabal which tends to sow and maintain the seeds of discord between African countries and African peoples ,therefore weaken the development and the growth of an entire continent by taking hostage its development and mortgaging its future, by a massive support and huge and astounding expenses, since 1975 to support a separatist group , at the expense of the global interest of the Algerian population and of a whole continent. It’s truly a very sad attitude of a sister country and of Africa.

2°) Appeal to the African countries, loving peace and stability to counteract the sabotage of the development of our continent by the Algeria/”rasd” couple and their supporters.

3°) Call for the forces of all Africa to combat the gravediggers of African growth and its development , and the demolishers of our continent stability and integrity.

4°) Invite the officials of the UA and UN to postpone, from now on, any international meeting in Mozambique and call the international bodies to put the  index this country and its leaders who gave a pitiable image of our continent by opposing the entry of a head of a delegation and the minister of foreign affairs of a sovereign country to a meeting they were invited to.

5°) Request  the Japanese and Moroccan authorities and any other country affected by the Mozambican authorities unfit behavior to make a complaint against the authorities of this country before the international bodies, the UN and AU and before the international courts in order to remove the affront to Africa.

6°) Strongly ask the African countries gathered in the African Union to get rid of the so-called entity “rasd” whose fallacious presence within this African institution , causes discords and conflicts between the states and therefore blocks the development of our continent. We are fully aware of the interests of African peoples that should prevail over any other consideration.

7°) Praise the attitude of the Japanese authorities in the person of its minister of foreign affairs Mr Taro Kono , who had affirmed that Japan doesn’t recognize the alleged “rasd” , and criticized strongly the attitude of Mozambican authorities which had triggered a serious security problem at the meeting, and solemnly condemned its abuse.

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