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The first lady cuts loose in a viral veggie Vine.

Michelle Obama boogying with a turnip? Yes, you have to watch this White House video posted on Vine that has gone viral.



The brief video is a play off the hit song, Turn Down for What, by DJ Snake and Lil Jon. The first lady was responding to Iman Crosson — a Barack Obama impersonator with the Twitter handle of @Alphacat — who posed this question: “How many calories do you burn every time you ‘turn up?’ “

Michelle Obama is a well-known advocate for healthy living and eating, one of her top causes since her husband was elected.

We knew the starchy root vegetable — a good source of dietary fiber — makes a healthy mashed side dish and tastes great in soups. But the turnip as a dance prop? The first lady is probably the only one who could make that one work.


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